Eligibility Online Manual

M1000 Aged, Blind, or Disabled Program

This section will describe the eligibility requirements and the eligibility determination process for all Aged, Blind & Disabled coverage groups. The programs covered under this group are:

M1001 Institutional Related

M1001A Nursing Home/Swing Bed

M1001B INPAT-PSYCH (Geriatric Hall at the State Hospital in Evanston)

M1001C Hospice Care

M1001D Inpatient Hospital

M1001E ICF-ID (Wyoming Life Resource Center)

M1002 HCBS Waiver

M1002A Community Choices Home & Community Based Waivers

M1002B Comprehensive and Support Waivers

M1002B1 Comprehensive and Support Waivers

M1002B2 Acquired Brain Injury Waiver

M1002C Children’s Mental Health Waiver

M1003 Employed Individuals with Disabilities (EID)

M1005 SSI & SSI Related

M1005A Disabled Adult Child (DAC)

M1005B E01

M1005C Goldberg Kelly


M1005E 1619

M1005F SSI Eligible

M1005G Widow Widowers

M1005H Widow Widowers SDX

M1005J Presumptive Disability