Eligibility Online Manual

M1403 Reviews

Purpose:  This section will provide information on periodic reviews to determine continued eligibility.

Current Policy Effective Date:  July 1, 2023

Date Last Reviewed:  June 28, 2023

Previous Policy:  August 1, 2016


1.    Eligibility Factors Must Be Periodically Reviewed

2.    Clients Must Complete The Renewal Process When An Ex Parte Renewal Cannot Be Completed

3.    Social Workers Must Complete The Review Process When An Ex Parte Renewal Cannot Be  Completed For a Foster Care Program

4.    Clients Must Provide Verification For Reported Changes In Circumstances When The Change Cannot Be  Verified Electronically

5.    Periodic Reviews Are Not Required For Certain Groups

The following groups do not require periodic reviews:


Defining Requirement:    42 CFR 435.916

Clarifying Information:

A Periodic Review Is Only Considered A New Application For Individuals Newly Applying For Benefits On An Exsisting Case.

Worker Responsibilities: