Eligibility Online Manual

M1404 Closure

Purpose:  This section will provide information on termination (closure of cases).

Current Policy Effective Date:  July 1, 2023

Date Last Reviewed:  June 28, 2023

Previous Policy:  October 1, 2022


1.    Closing Aged, Blind, Or Disabled Or Medicare Savings Programs Cases

A client's case must be closed when one or more of the following conditions are met:

2.    Closing Cases For Clients Under 19

DO NOT close a client under age 19 from the time of approval or periodic review until the end of the 12 month period, unless one of the following occurs:

3.    Closing Family Care Cases

Close adult clients when:

4.    Closing 4 Month Extended Medical Cases

Close cases for 4 Month Extended Medicaid for the following reasons:

5.    Closing 12 Month Extended Medical Cases

Close cases for a 12 Month Extended Medical coverage group for the following reasons:

6.    Closing Pregnant Women Cases

The Pregnant Women case will close when any of the following occur:

7.    Closing Pregnant By Choice Cases

The Pregnant By Choice case will close when any of the following occur:

8.    Closing Newborn Cases

9.    Eligibility Will Close On The First Day Of The Next Month When A 15-day Closure Notice Is Sent 

10.  Some Cases Do Not Require A 15-day Closure Notice

11.    Incarcerated Clients Will Have Benefits Suspended, Not Closed

Clients who are reported as incarcerated in a jail or prison will have their benefits suspended  until they are      released



Defining Requirement:    42 CFR 431, Subpart E

                                                    42 CFR 435.912

                                                    42 CFR 435.919

                                                   Social Security Act § 19

Clarifying Information:

Worker Responsibilities:

Closing Cases

1. Send 15-Day closure notice when adverse action has occurred.