Eligibility Online Manual

M1804 State Supplemental Payments

Purpose: This section will assist in showing the SDX process of how the State Supplemental Payment is issued.

Current Policy Effective Date: July 1, 2021

Date Last Reviewed: July 1, 2021

Previous Policy: August 1, 2018


1. State Supplemental Payments Complement the Federal Benefit Amount

State Supplemental Payments are required in order to receive federal match for the Medicaid program. These payments are intended to complement the federal benefit amount, thereby increasing the amount of income available to the SSI recipient.

2. Clients Must Meet Eligibility Requirements

Clients must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible:

          • Client’s sole source of income is an SSI payment.

          • Client is a Wyoming resident.

3. State Supplements Payments are $20.00 Monthly

4. Benefit Processing Occurs Automatically

        • Eligibility for State Supplemental payments is determined by using the information SSA provides through an interface between the SDX and WES.

        • Payments are directly deposited into the account the client uses for their SSI payment. If the client uses Direct Express or does not have an account, a hard copy check will be mailed out each month.

        • The State Supplement GAX Payment Certification is a report of all individuals who were issued a payment during each month.


Defining Requirement: 20 CFR 416.2001

W.S. 42-2-103

Senate Enrolled Act 43 (SF002)

Clarifying Information:

1. The payment can be made part of the estate if the client dies after the first of the month.

Worker Responsibilities:

Verifying Payment Information

The following living arrangements and Record Identification Codes are used to determine the pay rate:

1. The SDX will display the Living Arrangement Code (LA) as follows:


A Own household

B Another's household

C Parent's household (child cases only)

D Title XVI institution

BLANK Individual is in a non-Title XIX institution, living arrangement change in progress outside the U.S.

2. The SDX will display the Record Identification Code (RIC) as follows:


I Individual (with or without ineligible spouse)

C Couple (eligible individual with eligible spouse)

M Child claim with mother

F Child claim with father

P Child claim with parents

X State to SSA record exception

Authorizing Retroactive Payments

1. Authorize retroactive supplemental payments upon request, when eligible.

2. Forward all requests for retroactive payment, along with verification of eligibility, to the WDH Fiscal office to process payment.

Reporting Address Changes

1. Record address change in WES, create a mailing label for the next month, if necessary.

2. Advise client to report address changes to SSA.

Researching Payments Not Received

1. Check the SDX for the individual's name when the client reports they failed to receive a State Supplemental Payment.

2. If the client is not listed, refer them to the SSA.

3. If the client is listed, check the State Supplement GAX Payment Certification to ensure a check has been issued. If the check has not been issued:

3A. Determine if the individual is eligible and what the payment amount should be.

3B. If eligible, submit a request and verification of eligibility to the WDH Fiscal office to process payment.

If the check has been issued:

3C. Process a replacement when the check is not received by the client or the WDH Client Services Unit after 2 weeks from mailing.