Eligibility Online Manual

M603 Determining Basic Eligibility - Social Security Number

Purpose: This section will define the requirement to have a Social Security Number for determining eligibility.

Current Policy Effective Date: January 1, 2014

Date Last Reviewed: October 22, 2015

Previous Policy: April 1, 2006


1. Applicants Must Provide Social Security Number

Applicants who will be receiving benefits are required to provide a Social Security Number (SSN). Applicants may also provide proof of application for SSN.

Applicants who do not provide an SSN or proof of application for SSN will be denied, except for the following programs:

    • Emergency Services

    • Newborn born to Medicaid Mother

2. Non-Citizen Applicants May Receive SSNs

The SSA may assign an SSN for non-citizen applicants when federal, state, or local statute or regulation, in accordance with federal law, requires the non-citizen to provide SSN to receive benefits.

This applies to non-citizens without USCIS work authorization. Those with USCIS work authorization should already have an SSN assigned.

3. Non-Citizen Applicants Without SSN May Receive Emergency Services

Reference Section M1205 for information on Emergency Services.

4. Applicants With A Well Established Religious Objection Do Not Have To Provide An SSN


Defining Requirement: 42 CFR 435.910

Clarifying Information:

Children transitioning from the newborn to the Child MAGI program at one year of age are required to provide an SSN.

Worker Responsibilities:

Assisting Lawful Non-Citizen Applicants in Obtaining SSN

1. Verify that the non-citizen applicant does not have US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) authorization to work in the US.

2. Determine the non-citizen meets eligibility requirements, except SSN.

3. If non-citizen applicant meets eligibility requirements, obtain evidence of the following:

3A. Age.

3B. Identity.

3C. Lawful status.

4. Submit above information to local SSA in a statement on agency letterhead that includes the following:

4A. Identity of non-citizen applicant.

4B. Reason SSN is required.

4C. Statement that non-citizen applicant meets all requirements to receive benefits except the SSN.

Verifying USCIS Authorization

1. Use SAVE process outlined in Section M604.


2. Obtain verification from USCIS using process outlined in Section M604.