Eligibility Online Manual

Table 19 Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange

Effective Date:

The Beneficiary and Earnings Data Exchange (BDX) is provided to states monthly by the Social Security Administration. It contains information regarding social security recipients who also receive public assistance.

Use the BDX interface screen to identify persons active on EPICS. As a general rule a complete Benlist listing of all individuals covered under the State Programs and those on the SDX is printed once a year. This printout contains information on the yearly RSDI benefit amount which will be received by the client.

Payment Status (LAF) Ledger Account File - This contains the payment status code. See the table below for a list of codes:

Monthly Benefit (MBP) - This is the net benefit after deduction of the Part B Medicare premium, if the client is enrolled in Part B, due on the 3rd of the next month after the BDX record is produced.

Date of Entitle (DOEI) - This is the original date of entitlement to SSA benefits. This does not necessarily mean that the client has received benefits continuously since the date of original entitlement; there may have been a break in eligibility.

SSI Indicate (SSI INDC) - Client is or has been an SSI recipient. The letters SSI will be followed by a code to indicate the SSI status and a date which indicates the month and year the status became effective. See to following table for a list of the codes: