Eligibility Online Manual

M900 Income

Income from financially-responsible household members is counted to determine an individual's eligibility. The individual's countable income must be calculated using actual income already received and anticipated income that can reasonably be expected during the month the application is submitted. Eligibility for Medicaid is determined by comparing the individual’s calculated income against the maximum income standards.

This section includes:

  1. The rules for deciding what amount of a client's income (or income of a client's spouse, parents, or sponsor) must be counted to decide eligibility for the client.

  2. An explanation what income is countable, what is exempt, and what income disregards or deductions are allowed.

  3. A description of how to treat self-employment income.

  4. The rules for calculating patient contribution.

M901 Countable/Available Income

M902 Treatment of Self-Employment Income

M903 Determining Best Estimates

M904 Benefit Levels

M905 Income Disregards/Deductions

M906 Medical Assistance Computations