Eligibility Online Manual

M605 Determinig Basic Eligibility - Temporary Absence

Purpose: This section will assist in determining whether an individual is eligible for benefits based on Temporary Absence.

Current Policy Effective Date: January 1, 2019

Date Last Reviewed: May 10, 2019

Previous Policy: November 1, 2016


1. Individuals Must Meet Temporary Absence Criteria

Individuals meet the criteria for Temporary Absence when they leave the state with the intent to return to Wyoming within three months.

Individuals continue to meet the temporary absence criteria, after three months, when the following conditions are met:

    • Individual is in another state to get prescribed medical treatment not available in Wyoming and intends to return to Wyoming once the medical treatment is complete.

    • Temporary absence is due to the illness of the individual or the individual’s parent, spouse, sibling or child.

    • A child in the custody of the State is placed in an out-of-state facility, unless the child is covered by the other state.

    • Individual’s employer requires them to work out of state.

Consider the individual continuing to reside in their assistance and a Wyoming resident when the above conditions are met.

Individuals do not meet the temporary absence criteria when they apply for Medicaid or establish residency in another state.


Defining Requirement: 42 CFR 435.403

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