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M806 Assessing Spousal Resources

Purpose: This section will assist in assessing a couple’s joint resources.

Current Policy Effective Date: November 1, 2015

Date Last Reviewed: September 18, 2015

Previous Policy: January 1, 2014


1. Countable Resources Of Couple Must Be Assessed

Assess the combined countable resources of a couple when requested by either member of a couple or a representative acting on behalf of either spouse.

2. Spousal Resource Allowance Must Be Deducted

Determine the total countable resources of the couple. Subtract the spousal resource allowance (refer to Medicaid Table 7) from the couple’s total countable resources. The remainder must be equal to or less than the $2,000 single resource standard.

3. Assessments Conducted At Application

Spousal Resources Allowance is assessed with each new application. This includes an individual who has a break in aid and a new application is required. Refer to Section M403 to determine when a new application is required after denial of Closure. Clients are assessed as individuals after the first year of eligibility.

4. Assessments May Be Conducted Without Applications

Assessments may be conducted upon request when there is no accompanying Medicaid application. Couples have the right to receive an assessment to determine countable resources in relation to the Medicaid resource standard.

5. Action On Assessments For Applications Must Be Taken Within 45 Days

6. Resources Of Institutionalized Spouse Must Be Transferred To Community Spouse

Countable resources of an institutionalized spouse must be transferred to a community spouse once eligibility has been established. The resources must be transferred before the first scheduled periodic review.

The purpose of this transfer is to assist community spouses in meeting their needs in the community.

The conversation about transferring resources should be documented in the case record.

7. Institutionalized Spouse Must Be Within Individual Resource Standard

At periodic review, only the client’s resources are reviewed. These resources must be within the $2,000 individual resource limit.


Defining Requirement: 20 CFR 416, Subpart L

42 CFR 435, Subpart G

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