Eligibility Online Manual

M301B Verifying Eligibility Factors

Purpose: This section will describe how eligibility factors may be verified.

Current Policy Effective Date:  July 1, 2023

Date Last Reviewed:  June 28, 2023

Previous Policy:  January 1, 2014


1.   Vital Statistics Services Portal Can Be Used To Verify Citizenship

Verification of citizenship can be obtained by using the Vital Statistics Services Portal. Refer to Medicaid Table 5 for acceptable verification of citizenship.

2.    Revenue Information System (RIS) Can Be Used To Verify Citizenship and Identity

Verification of citizenship and identity can be obtained by using the Revenue Information System (RIS) through the Mainframe at the TPX menu. Refer to Medicaid Table 5 for acceptable verification of citizenship and identity.

3.    Evidence Must Be Collected to Establish Eligibility

Evidence must be collected to meet documentation and verification requirements for all eligibility factors. Refer to Medicaid Table 5, Table 5A, Table 5B and Table 6 for proper documentation.

4.    Prior Cases May Be Used To Verify Some Eligibility Factors

Documentation from prior cases may be used for factors not subject to change, such as SSN, date of birth, citizenship, or identity.

5.    System Interfaces And Electronic Resources May Be Used

Verification of eligibility factors may be obtained by using:

6.    Additional Documentation May Be Required

Applicants/clients may need to provide additional documentation necessary to verify eligibility factors.

7.    Assistance Obtaining Documentation Must Be Provided

Assistance must be provided to the applicant/client, upon request, in obtaining documentation.


Defining Requirement: 42 CFR 435.940

    42 CFR 435.945

    42 CFR 435.948

    42 CFR 435.952

    42 CFR 435.953

    42 CFR 435.955

    42 CFR 435.960

    Citizenship and Identity Requirement:    Social Security Act § 1903

Clarifying Information:

1.    Verification is defined as the act of proving a fact to be true by viewing the content of the evidence.

Worker Responsibilities: