Eligibility Online Manual

M409 Maintaining Applicant and Client Information Confidentiality

Purpose: This section will provide guidance about maintaining applicant and client information confidentiality

Current Policy Effective Date: April 1, 2006

Date Last Reviewed: May 16, 2007

Previous Policy:


1. Information Relating to Specific Individuals Must Remain Confidential

The following information must remain confidential:

    • Names, addresses, and SSNs of applicants and clients.

    • Documents naming an individual(s).

    • Personal facts relating to an individual(s).

    • Application.

    • Receipt of benefits.

    • Information relating to social and economic conditions of individual(s), including information from IRS, SSA, and other agencies. Safeguard information from other agencies in accordance with their procedures.

    • Medical data, including psychological evaluations.

    • Any information known about individual(s), but not part of case record(s) or document(s).


Defining Requirement: 42 CFR 431.306 – 307

Clarifying Information:

1. Confidentiality Is Defined As The Limitation Of The Use And Disclosure Of Applicant And Client Information.

Worker Responsibilities:

Safeguarding Personal Information

1. Shred documents containing personal information when files are purged according to policy or when document is no longer needed.

1A. Do not throw in garbage.