Eligibility Online Manual

M1200 Family and Children's Programs

This section describes eligibility requirements and the eligibility determination process for the Family and Children’s coverage group. The programs covered under this group are:

M1201 Children's Groups

M1201A Newborn

M1201B Child MAGI

M1201C Child 6 Through 18 YRS

M1201D Foster Care

M1201E Subsidized Adoption

M1201F IV-E Guardianship

M1202 Pregnant Women

M1202A Pregnant Women

M1202B Qualified Pregnant Women

M1202C Pregnant By Choice

M1204 Family Care

M1204A Family Care

M1204B 12 Month Extended Medicaid

M1204C 4 Month Extended Medicaid

M1205 Emergency SVC Family & Children's